At one point in your life, you might have asked yourself what it like is to be in the shoes or how it’s like one day in the life of an office cleaner. You might have always noticed that one person or individual that enters in your office space during work hours and starts wiping and cleaning the floors and other areas in your building. But have you ever given a thought about what their job is truly like other than being plain janitors and maintenance utility people?

Here is a great documentary by J Anderson that describes the life of a janitor pretty well:

Well for starters, janitorial services isn’t such an entirely easy task to accomplish, needless to say that everyday thousands of dusts and dirt enter the work environment every second, and of course the only people or employees that will care enough to aid the other workers with these types of problems are cleaners or janitors. Yes, you might have also thought about their wage and how their compensation is doing for them, most people would think of them lowly as they thought that these cleaners earn little than they do. However, this is where most people are wrong.

Why They Pursue Such Tasks Each Day

As many of you do not know, cleaners are the best reliable people in the office space; they are even the best individuals that the executives depend on when it comes to the sanitation and neatness of the entire work space. Clearly without these people the office will look like an utter mess in the first few hours of work time, and obviously no one would even dare to empty their trash bins from time to time as they are already occupied with their respective duties.

The reason why a large scale of people enters this kind of job opportunity is that it actually pays well and it is even not as intoxicating as those who work under pressure. But even though they might have to seem an easy job to begin with, it is of no joke to go up there and clean somebody else’s trash. But as mentioned, they do this because it compensates them well enough to feed and sustain their needs for their families or themselves.

Do They Only Clean Office Spaces?

To be utterly honest, cleaners are the best people when it comes to having an office space completely cleaned and prepped up for the coming day ahead. Also, they do not only clean and wipe and spray, what many employees didn’t know is that cleaners are often trusted to serve as a security personnel as well.

Since many office buildings hire cleaners to do their job in the evening where employees and workers are no longer present, they are being assigned to also make sure that each private room and office halls are securely locked. Companies rely on these cleaners to do half of the security job to ensure that nobody else enters the premises of a building or a work environment, cleaners are the only people who are knowledgeable about the alarms and other security systems installed in a work environment.