Hiring Process

Red Carpet Janitorial Service, Inc. makes hiring a top priority. We do careful background checks first to avoid problems later. By carefully screening each candidate prior to offering them employment, we can save you money while providing first class cleaning.

Marcy Bird heads up our hiring office. Through the investment of time and resources at the point of hire, many potential problems are eliminated. Ms. Bird is responsible for insuring employees are screened using the following methods:

  • Civil & Background Checks:

    We are on line and able to pull background checks on all potential employees. This is a statewide check that can be performed in any state or even Nationwide. By eliminating felons and multiple offenders from the labor pool, many problems are eliminated.

  • Personal Interview:

    We take the time to interview each potential employee. This gives us the opportunity to choose the most qualified of all applicants.

  • Reference Checks:

    This may take some extra time, but it's a valuable tool in determining a prospective employee's performance on the job. Whenever possible, we like to find new employees through referrals from current employees. Good people associate with other good people.

By providing the best possible employees for your facility, we are able to reduce turnover, better utilize supervisor's time and reduce theft rates. This all helps to improve the service that your facility receives from Red Carpet Janitorial Service, Inc.

New Employee Orientation

An employee's first day on the job is the most important. We invest time in the beginning to make an employee's transition into the company a very rewarding experience. All new employees are taught company policies and what is expected of them. Additionally, new employees go through a supervised training program custom made for your facility. Each position has a job card that thoroughly describes the duties for that position. This assures you consistent quality and performance right from the start. Finally, a new employee orientation checklist is filled our to assure that all orientation items have been covered with the new employee.

Employee Training Program

Red Carpet Janitorial Service utilizes a combination of methods in it's training program. Through experience we have found that the most effective training process involves demonstration and on-the-job experience and instruction. All our managers are required to become thoroughly familiar with our cleaning process and equipment before they are given responsibility of supervising other workers.

We recognize that trained employees are one of the greatest assets of our company. Most of our experience has demonstrated that effective training produces happier, more productive and confident people who deliver a high-quality product on a consistent basis. That is why we place a strong emphasis on training at all organizational levels of the company.

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